Pet Art!

  • Published February 3rd, 2015 by Liz

A new division of Waring Portrait.  I'm so excited about this venture.  It all started when I  created a pop art image of my grand dog Annie!  Since then I've had several requests to create one-of-a-kind, custom images of other pets. 

Starting with a photograph, lines, paints and textures are added by hand digitally, using a stylus which responds like a pencil or paintbrush.  Far from a push-button filter, the image consists of great detail and takes hours to create.  The effects can be bold, pop art, or more subtle and realistic.  Proofs with various unique backgrounds are submitted for final selection. 

Prices start at $225  for a  12 x 12 canvas and larger sizes are available.  Fee is $75 for us to take the photos of your pet in local area  to begin the art, or you may submit your high resolution snapshot via email without charge.  Extra pet in image $75.

Of course, I'm still making images of children and families.  And yes, I'd love to create a special image of your "best friend!"   Scroll below to see some of these wonderful pets.






Rebel in New Smyrna Beach, FL


Aurora and Sarge

Hallie and Genevieve

George at his "Mom and Dad's wedding tent!